Hi, my name is James Anderson. I’m a freelancer who specialises in SQL Server, but I enjoy working with all sorts of other data stores too.The SQL People

I’m the director of The SQL People.

We love to see T-SQL code run faster.

Given half a chance, I’ll talk about it for hours.

James Anderson talking SQL Server
You can’t see what’s on that slide, but it was great, trust me.
PowerShell Pester
Warming up for my first PowerShell orientated talk in a church.

Making real changes to companies with changes to code.

To save companies time and money, I focus on performance in three key areas:

  1. Loading data
  2. Extracting data
  3. Archiving data

These are the basic needs of any company database.

  • Load data from customers, suppliers, devices, etc.
  • Extract data for reporting, integration with 3rd parties, etc.
  • Archive data for performance, compliance, etc.

Improving the code in these areas always increases efficiency and productivity.

Database Development

I’m also interested in the process of deploying changes to applications in production environments, especially if these involve database changes. I’ve written a series of posts on this topic called SQL Server & Continuous Integration.

I’m always amazed by the levels of complexity involved in something that sounds so simple. I often hear (or mutter to myself) something along the lines of:

All I want to do is store my data on disk and get it when I want it, why is this so hard?

The answer is that the question is an over simplification. We don’t just want to dump our data and read it back later. We want to alter, constrain, index, backup, archive and sort our data instantly and in parallel with multiple sessions. This is difficult and I admire the technology that has been created to deal with it.


When I’m not working to improve companies data systems, I love to travel. My top 5 destinations so far are:

  1. India
  2. Japan
  3. Vietnam
  4. Cuba
  5. Guatemala

If I’m not working or travelling, I can be found at home with my wife Sarah and the cats Ted and Frank.

Ted & Frank

If you have any questions or requests then please get in touch.

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Hi, I'm James Anderson. When I'm not blogging about SQL Server, I do this.

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