SQL Server on Ubuntu

They finally did it! Finally SQL Server for Linux was announced. I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while, so let’s jump in and get it installed. After that I’ll test some of the features that until today were only available in enterprise edition. I’m installing Ubuntu 16 on a Hyper-V VM. I’ll be using […]

Starting a ReadyRoll Project

This is part 5 in the series named SQL Server and Continuous Integration. This post will cover the steps I follow to setup a ReadyRoll project. Topics covered so far in this series are: Git Visual Studio ReadyRoll Installation I’m using ReadyRoll in my Continuous Integration setup to generate migration scripts that will intelligently update existing instances […]

Deletes Ignore Check Constraints

I know it sounds a bit odd but DELETE statements really do ignore table constraints. Running the code below in a test database will setup a test to prove this. CREATE TABLE ProductConstraintTest ( ProductID INT IDENTITY(1,1), ProductCode VARCHAR(50), ProductName VARCHAR(100), Cost DECIMAL(19,4), Price DECIMAL(19,4) ); GO CREATE FUNCTION chkProductCount() RETURNS INT AS BEGIN DECLARE […]

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